Home Preparations For Smooth Skin

Soft and smooth skin can be attained by using natural means. To make it easier for you, we have researched and tried three natural home made preparations. Following are three common but very effective home preparations for gentle skin which are very operational and reliable.

1. Natural Scrub made with Gram Flour, Turmeric Powder, and Milk

Items you require:

1 table spoon of Gram flour,

1 tea spoon of Turmeric powder,

3 tea spoons of Milk,

½  cup of Lukewarm water and a Bowl.

How to prepare?:

  1. Bring a bowl and add the gram flour and turmeric powder in it and blend it nicely.
  2. Into this mixture of gram flour and turmeric powder, add the milk and blend it nicely to make a consistency like a smooth paste.
  3. Afterward, use this paste of gram flour and turmeric powder all up to the area of face and neck.
  4. Let it be there for nearly 15 minutes or till it completely dries.
  5. Well ahead, with lukewarm water, wash your face and gently massage the paste into your skin deeply by using your fingertips and rub it softly in rounded motions.
  6. This procedure requires being done one time in every week for about two weeks to get a gentle skin.

2. Face Pack made with Cucumber, Papaya, and Avocado  

Items we require:

1 tea spoon of Papaya pulp,

1 tea spoon of Avocado pulp,

1 tea spoon of Grated cucumber,

2 table spoons of Fresh cream

A bowl for Mixing

How to prepare?:

  1. Take a bowl for mixing and add in the pulp of papaya and avocado, the fresh cream, and, grated cucumber into this.
  2. Afterward, blend all these fixings nicely until they are mixed well and make a consistency like a smooth paste.
  3. Subsequently use this fruit pack on the area of your face and neck all over and let it be there for nearly 20 minutes.
  4. Afterward, with lukewarm water, wash your face and tap the dry skin.
  5. This procedure is a one time in a routine of every day that can be continued as a diet for smooth skin for nearly thrice a week.
  6. Face Pack made with Walnut and Rose Water

Items you require:

3 Walnuts, 1 tea spoon of Rose water, 1 cup of Water –and a Blender

1 tea spoon of Rose water, 1 cup of Water –and a Blender

1 cup of Water

A Blender

How to prepare?:

  1. Have water in a cup and add in the walnuts into this and allow them to infuse over the period of the whole night.
  2. The second day, mix these drenched walnuts into the blender accompanying some rose water.
  3. Mix them until it makes into a consistency like a smooth paste.
  4. Far ahead use this paste on your face and neck all over.
  5. Let it this face pack of walnut and rose water for nearly one hour.
  6. Subsequently, with lukewarm, wash your face water and tap the dry skin.
  7. This procedure is a one time in a day and one time in a week therapy.
  8. Obey this preparation faithfully once in every week and this, without a doubt, is one of the best advice for soft skin.



About Fixer Upper Star Joanna Gaines’ Anti-ageing Cream

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Anti-ageing Cream"Joanna Gaines is the owner as well as the founder of Magnolia Homes. She is also the lead designer of Magnolia Homes. She is also well known as a star in HGTV show Upper Fixer. She co-stars this show with none other than her husband, Chip Gaines. She is also very famous as an interior designer. She completed her graduation in communications and was then highly inspired to enter into the field of designing. She, together with her husband has run a large number of renovation projects along with filming for the famous show, Upper Fixer.

Recently, shocking news was spread among her fans regarding her leaving the famous show, Upper Fixer. It was discovered that Joanna Gaines has been running her own business of a skin care and anti-ageing cream. It came as a disbelief to her fans. It came to notice that this skin care company has reached success and Joanna has decided to leave the famous show Upper Fixer to give more time and attention to her anti-ageing business while her husband will continue with the show. She will leave the show because she has to give more time and attention to her business and to be the permanent CEO of the Joanna Gaines skin care line. She further admitted that she had decided to keep this skin care company as a secret earlier from people because she did not want the rumors to be spread about her business and people associating her business with her T.V show. She confessed about all this in an interview and said that all the products and creams that her company has come up with are outstanding. They can actually make the women look much younger than their original age and bring out the glow and youthfulness of the skin.

About the Cream

Joanna Gaines said that she loves to see people more confident about their looks and that is why she has come up with this skin care cream. This anti-ageing cream has such a composition that makes you look much younger and brings out the stunning glow by removing wrinkles and lines from your skin. After much research, it was discovered that the celebrity doctors have known this secret for years and were keeping this secret from the general public for wealthy actresses and celebrities. People were shocked after discovering the reason behind the beauty secret of actresses and celebrities. Earlier people used to go for Botox and surgeries to look younger but this method has adverse effects and harmful consequences. Now, people can look younger without injecting harmful chemicals into their skin.

Important Constituents of the Anti-ageing Cream

It mainly consists of two major components which when mixed in accurate proportion produce outstanding and magical results. They are:

  • Proprietary Bisophere
  • QuSome

These two ingredients when bonded together produce marvelous results. They are basically responsible for regenerating the skin. They are known to show their action at the cellular level. By working at this basic level, they regenerate and repair the tissues at wrinkled areas producing a smooth wrinkle free skin with a glowing effect.